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Stay healthy and fit by working on your bones to
make them stronger than ever!

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Enhance Fitness

Step up and get active with various fitness programmes designed just for your age and needs to keep you fit and happy.

Moving for Better Balance

Have a better command of your life by making your life more active with several physical activities to maintain a balance in life.

Exercise & Wellness

Take part in multiple exercises and wellness programmes that will strengthen your internal body and mind.

Stay focused and fit for a lifetime

We at Arthritis Channel assist you in setting a goal in life and achieving it by guiding you through each step toward a healthy and positive future.

Stationary Bicycle

We provide stationary bicycles on which you can bike for as little as 30 minutes to keep your body healthy.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Swim in our clean pools regularly to keep your body active and moving, which will help strengthen your bones.
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Helping Older Adults Start Exercising Safely

Age doesn’t matter when you exercise with us! Through our skilled trainers, we provide the
most pleasant and safe environment for the older groups to exercise safely.
Call us to take advantage of this opportunity.
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Natural Methods for Managing Arthritis

With some of the natural remedies we offer that do not require any medicine but only a healthy lifestyle, managing arthritis has become easier and more effective than before.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapist will ensure that our clients live a better life by identifying and treating any pain that prevents them from progressing.
Starting From $75

Try Acupuncture

A technique that includes inserting needles into the skin and muscle at selected spots on the body to activate nerves.
Starting From $48

Get A Massage

Massage is a professional technique that involves kneading, pushing, pressing, and manipulating soft tissues and muscles to improve health.
Starting From $40

Topical Medications

It is a medicine that is applied to a specific surface of the body to treat various ailments using a variety of lotions, gels, oils, and ointments.
Starting From $64
Arthritis Channel has come to my rescue by helping me make my life healthier and more enjoyable through their different wellness and fitness programmes. I am a regular client here, and I must say that the improvements are noticeable.
Jackie J. Jackson

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